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Moorgate House
7 Station Road West
United Kingdom

Mvine Ltd is an established British SME headquartered in London. The business is privately owned, stable, auto-financing and growing in its chosen markets. Its primary line of business is authoring and selling Cyber-Secure Platforms for Collaboration Portals and for Identity Management as well as delivering cloud support services.

In April 2017, Mvine delivered its Identity Hub Service into the Cabinet Office sandbox environment designed to open GOV.UK Verify identities to the private sector for the first time.

Mvine is a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Supplier and has listings on Digital Marketplace G-Cloud framework.

Information confidentiality, integrity, availability and security is at the heart of everything we do. Our business complies to numerous standards; among the better known ones is Cyber Essentials. The Mvine platform itself has won plaudits for its superior cyber-security architecture, achieving a prestigious A rating in Qualys penetration testing.

Primary Contact:
Frank Joshi
+44 208 392 4820
[email protected]

Alternate Contact:
Raymond Field
Chief Technology Officer

Mvine Distributed Digital Identity Exchange Overview

Mvine Ltd, an established British SME, is one of the first organisations to bring a private sector digital identity exchange platform to the UK market leveraging the GOV.UK Verify identity scheme.

As of April 2017 the Mvine digital identity exchange is available in a sandbox for private sector organisations to test and evaluate the benefits of leveraging both the Government assured identities and the additional features and benefits that the Mvine digital identity exchange platform has to offer.

Mvine leverages the power of the Verify identity provider community by offering digital identity exchange services for private sector organisations who seek to explore:

  • How to make full use of established issued credentials to lower costs of customer acquisition and increase security, whilst offering the user a simpler and increasingly familiar process
  • How to enhance online digital accounts with additional attributes
  • How to engage with digital identity exchanges from a technical and commercial perspective
  • How to demonstrate that you place peoples’ consent and privacy as paramount throughout your technical processes
  • How the steps you take now will be in readiness for GDPR and compliant with the Information Commissioner’s
    “Privacy by Design” approach

The Sandbox is there to support commercial organisations from finance, insurance, telecoms, retail etc., with high-assurance digital identity requirements to evaluate the impacts of adopting trustworthy digital identity from Verify in an efficient test and evaluation environment.

In addition, this flexible environment will provide a framework for evaluation of new services and innovations in the digital identity marketplace

For UK public sector procurement, this technology is available today from the Government Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 9 framework. Learn more online by visiting our relevant listing.

GOV.UK Verify’s Sandbox Environment Listing Service Overview

This sandbox environment enables organisations to conduct initial testing projects so that they can achieve an understanding of how to leverage GOV.UK Verify and trustworthy digital identities within their organisations. Any organisation that wants to test and learn about Verify can do so by engaging with a self-certified hub provider which can be seen in the list below. Self-certification means that these providers have reached a minimum set of standards for Verify and therefore have a higher level of trust associated with their Verify service offering.  

  • GOV.UK Verify sandbox environment self-certification process is documented in this whitepaper, published on the OIX website.
  • GOV.UK Verify sandbox environment self-certification requirements can be found here in pdf format and here as a Word Doc.

Mvine Verify Sandbox Environment Certification Document